Participation at Innoday 2018


Participatory Foresight, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship”
University of Alicante (Spain). November, 3rd, 2018.

Download Antonio Hyder’s slides here:

As Hackers and Founders newly appointed Director of Research, Dr. Antonio Hyder was invited by FuturLab to give a seminar at Innoday #4 conference comparing the entrepreneurial dynamics between Silicon Valley at the EU.

The conference was organised by Dr. Enric Bas, Dr. Mario Guilló and Dr. Jesús Orbea.

Innoday #4 guest speakers were Riina Subra, Account Manager. Aalto University – Institutional Relations (Helsinki); Karl Friðriksson, Managing Director. Innovation Center Iceland (Reijkyavik); Carsten Claus, CEO at Oberkorn Consulting (Hamburg); Antonio Hyder. Director of Research. Hackers&Founders, Silicon Valley (Mountain View–California)

FUTURLAB-Creative Futures (The Laboratory of Foresight at the University of Alicante) started in 2009 with this project of one-day intensive international top-level workshops, understood as an open and collaborative space to share ideas, visions and experiences about innovation for a better future.

The 2014 edition is vindicating Participatory Foresight (Futures Studies as a way to “create” future -instead of “predicting” it- on collaborative basis) and its key role to understand innovation in a more holistic way, as a culture –a way of thinking and living in society- instead of a mere consequence of science and technology.

Collaborative Economy (Uber, Airbnb, etc..) is moving forward, faster than law, unpredictable an unstoppable, seriously affecting the traditional business firms. Participatory Democracy-based political options are growing same way, while civil society is questioning the representative model and current public institutions.

People, mainly young generations, don´t want to choose between a handful of given options anymore; people want to participate –in a direct and sustainable way- in the building of their own future, according with their own expectancies and preferences. And social networking is creating new spaces to make it possible, facilitating and stimulating entrepreneurship.

The future is not what it used to be. This is why Foresight must change to a more participatory-based research in order to provide firms and public institutions of a real and continuous feedback with users (consumers, citizens, etc..) for a better decision-making. The resilience of the current economic, social and political insitutions depends on it.

Here we will start by checking both the Iceland and Finland experiences, because their creative/ entrepreneurial outstanding nature, based on shared visions of the future. Afterwards, will compare them within the European context of innovation and then with other global references like the Silicon Valley model.

It is expected some new fresh strategic propositions will be also delivered for our region. Enjoy.