Startup Europe Week Interview (forthcoming 2020)

Talk briefly about your Startup Europe Week event. How is it going to help the new entrepreneurs?

SEW is about pushing the limits and confirming that anything is possible, because it is, so I branded the recent event “SEW 2020 Special 5th Edition” and only invited science-based startups from 15 countries to convey my message. We did SEW for the first 4 years focused on tech, and this year I involved 15 foreign science-based startups that have a project which matches our essence. For instance, one of the participants is a startup from Bahir Dahr that deals with an artificial intelligence water purification system. Another one is a trailblazer asian-us nomad scientist currently somewhere else who has launched this awesome science-dissemination startup. All wanted to help us with their scientific developments and I’m so grateful they offered their expertise and time.

At the 2020 Special Edition my idea was to showcase that SEW is all about fostering the European network of ecosystems, that we are all connected and with a same mentality - attitude -. EC European projects’ philosophy is about creating collaborations between European ideas, projects and startups, and we really don’t have to go to Ethiopia or Lima to search for a co-development partner as in Europe we basically have all we need, but if you do involve a partner from these places you are already creating natural international distribution networks with scientists involved, skilful and well connected.

Working with scientists has many advantages e.g. they are extremely hardworking, actively do something with their life, they are professional and reliable, well-travelled, speak languages and tend to be very humble. The scientists who have startups tend to excel. It’s a mind set. It’s their attitude.