Vexlan Technologies

Vexlan Technologies is a Online Marketing startup focused on technology striving to improve the quality of website online prospects and leads. In order to keep up with the ever improving search engines technology, and to enhance the service and efficiency of search engine optimizations, Vexlan provides industry quality software services. Vexlan Technologies offer a wide range of hosted services (SaaS) to achieve these goals. Vexlan Technologies was privately funded in 2007 as a small startup company. Vexlan Technologies contacted Hyder Marketing in need of outsource marketing assistance. Hyder Marketing helped Vexlan Technologies get off the ground with their marketing initiatives.


We’ve been using Hyder Marketing services for the past 1.5 years, and they’ve been a spectacular partner for us, helping us with our integrated marketing strategy as well as our day-to-day web marketing, public relations, publications and marketing communications. For a modest-sized agency, it’s hard to imagine a group being uniformly strong at all the right skills - strategy, campaign planning, branding, copyrighting, graphical design, web development, PR - and at the same time understanding our technology market space so well!

Wenceslao García
Chairman & Co-Founder
Vexlan Technologies LLC