World Wide Marketing Process

The High-Tech World Wide marketing process (WWM) is a marketing programme specifically developed for launching European high-technology products and services on a World Wide scale, from Silicon Valley in California and in the time frame of 1 year. 100% of the venture capital necessary for the launches launch can be raised in Silicon Valley itself.


Due to the current economic situation and prospects, where there has already been a re-shift of the world economy towards Asia, it will be increasingly harder to successfully launch and maintain market shares of high-tech products and services. It is therefore necessary not to limit the scope of European SMEs to our natural European environment, but to open up their presence to a world wide basis.

In particular Silicon Valley is the world’s most significant platform for world wide launches of high tech products and technological innovations. There have been many attempts to replicate Silicon Valley in other parts of the world although these efforts have not been successful. Some of the ingredients which make Silicon Valley unique are the utilisation of science research in their innovations, the innovative and entrepreneurial approach of the players and risk taking which can be assumed as products and services are designed to have a world wide impact.

World Wide Marketing process (WWM)

As a response to this challenge, Hydermarketing has specifically designed the World Wide Marketing process, focused at companies that develop technological products and wish to commercially launch them on a global scale.

This process can adopted by innovation companies that have fully developed product a high-tech product which is fully working and can also be in the initial stages of its commercialisation.

The scope of launch of these high-tech products is world wide. We do not limit ourselves a partial international commercialisation of product. Experience has demonstrated that high-tech products should be launched globally and quickly in order to assess if it is adopted by the market. If such response proves positive it will then be worthwhile pursuing funding rounds in order to grow the company even quicker. If the response is not as expected the process should reach to end in order to avoid losses.

It is a requirement that the firm which become involved in this process should be based in Silicon Valley as a substantial part of the efforts will be occur in this geographical area due to the easy access to resources including financial, technological and human. Accordingly, the main headquarters of the company must be established in Silicon Valley or the management of the company should be hired in the Palo Alto area.

One of the key points of our programme, through the expertise of our partners based in Silicon Valley, is our capability of raising funds from venture capital based in the area.

Partners of WWM

Hydermarketing. European high-tech marketing consultancy firm specialised in making European SMEs benefit from science research and to market their innovations, especially in the field of ICT technology. Our mission is consistent with the needed development of competitiveness of the European Union within the current global arena. It is led by Antonio Hyder expert in the development of marketing plans for innovative high-tech products.

ITACA. Institute for Advanced Application of Information and Telecommunication technologies, Valencia ITACA is a part of the Valencia Innovation Park

The Palo Alto Consulting Group. A high technology marketing consulting firm based in Silicon Valley with more than 20 years of experience serving early stage and emerging growth companies in the software, Internet, communications, computer, semiconductor, and drug discovery industries. Their clients include some of the most successful and respected high technology companies in the world, including Apple, Cisco, HP, Nokia, Sun Microsystems, Symantec, and Xerox. Their clients also include more than 100 start-up companies, research institutes, and venture capital firms.

Step One Ventures. StepOne are experts in helping high-potential Spanish tech companies with their entry into the American market, generating business opportunities by connecting Spanish and US companies. They provide their clients with their substantial network of contacts and breadth of knowledge that contribute to the process of developing international business.


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